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A synthesis of high technology in four colors and ideal size to be always protagonist in every environment. Commands that are activated with a simple touch and constant temperature for perfect creaminess. The machine automatically enters the energy saving after fifteen minutes from the last delivery. Immediate control of the water level and ease the filling. Capsule drawer and drip separate and removable for cleaning more convenient and always perfect. Dispenser height adjustable in function of the size of the cup. Topsonline
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Le Origini Brasile

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Hints of honey and a delicate roundedness.  In the heart of Minas Gerais, from the largest single unit coffee plantation in the world,

Nossa Senhora da Guia, comes a coffee with great balance and softness, with a delicate fragrance and taste, that expresses pure honey nuances.


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Segafredo Espresso Capsule 6g Pack 100pcs

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Espresso The Taste of True Espresso. An exclusive quality mixture essential for an espresso with an even,fullbodied, and creamy taste. The unmistakable flavor and taste of Segafredo Zanetti’s coffee is placed in a single capsule to maintain a flavor of the highest quality. Topsonline
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Le Origini Costa Rica Capsule 6g Pack 10pcs

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From the luxurious vegetation of Costa Rica, Selected directly from the Segafredo Zanetti. Plantation in Sarchi of San Jose, comes a tropical coffee with a distinguished taste of freshness. The bouquet is intense and harmonious, the taste is fruity and long-lasting, with a full body and elegant hints of liquor. Topsonline
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Segafredo Espresso Capsule 6g Pack 10 pcs

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From a real passion, to the most authentic coffee. Our passion and commitment to quality: from plant to cup. Segafredo Zanetti has always meant passion. We're able to bring you the unique quality of our blends because we maintain direct control at every stage of the production chain, from plant to cup. Topsonline
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